February 2019
Drilling Discovered in West Lethbridge

Social media campaign

Can’t join us for our letter writing event at the Owl Acoustic Lounge on Wednesday, February 20 from 6:30-8:30pm? You can still join in by writing your letters as described on our take-action page.
And, join us on Twitter as we #PushForParticipation. Here are some sample tweets you can send. Make sure you include the hashtag #PushForParticipation.

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Drilling Discovered in West Lethbridge

Who is protecting us from urban drilling?

Early on January 21, 2019, a resident of Lethbridge was flying from the Lethbridge Airport and the plane banked over West Lethbridge. Looking down, they captured a hazy photograph of a brightly lit well site.
Since them, members of the Copperwood Circle Facebook group have been asking questions about the noise and light on their southern horizon.

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News Update No Drilling Lethbridge

No Drilling Lethbridge is pleased that over 11,000 Lethbridge residents signed a petition calling on the Alberta Government to pass legislation that would ban oil and gas development within the City of Lethbridge. This could not have been accomplished without the hard work and dedication of volunteers who went door to door collecting signatures in all weather conditions or posted the petition in their place of business. We are also pleased that Goldenkey Oil has been delayed in making their application to drill in Lethbridge.

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