It is not too late! #PushForParticipation

Are you outraged and feeling powerless? Do you feel like no one is listening to your concerns about the west side oil well? Do you feel like the Tamarack oil well is a done deal?

Drilling site

It’s not too late. There is something that can be done!

The Alberta Energy Regulator provides the requirements for petroleum industry energy development and provides clear direction on participant involvement in AER Directive 056. Directive 056 states: “Industry is required to develop an effective participant involvement program that includes parties who may be directly and adversely affected by the nature and extent of a proposed application.”

Is it too late for a Participant Involvement Program?
According to AER Directive 056: “Participant involvement does not end with the issuance of a licence; it must continue throughout the life of a project.”

Lethbridge deserves to participate!

We have many unanswered questions. We need answers. We have the right to be involved. Tamarack Valley Energy/Tamarack Acquisition Corp owes us all a Participant Involvement Program.

We encourage you to ask to be included in one!

Requests for involvement in a Participant Involvement Program should be sent to:

  • Premier Rachel Notley
  • Hon Margaret McCuaig-Boyd
  • Your MLA
  • Lethbridge Mayor and Council
  • Alberta Energy Regulator
  • Tamarack


Download a sample letter

Send your letter to: